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Block Websites Buddy 4.3

Block Websites Buddy is a website blocker for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
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Block Websites Buddy is a website blocker for Windows. It works with most modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. It can successfully block a website and prevent access to that website from your computer. It is very easy to configure and to use.

The trial version of this app allows you to block sites for free and there is a 5-website blocking limit. The catch is that you can't unblock them without buying the application. So you better not try this with a site that you might want to use in the future. The app comes with a list of sites that you can easily add to your list of unwanted sites. Most of those are AD domains, but there are some phishing sites there as well. If you want to add a site that is not on that list, simply click on the "Block Website..." button at the bottom of the screen and enter the URL.

When Block Websites Buddy blocks a site and you want to access it, first it will carry out a Google search of the URL that you typed. If you click on the first result, which is often the URL that you typed, the page will not be loaded. But it won't tell you if it is blocked or if your Internet is down, which is good if you don't want anyone to know that sites are being blocked.

José Fernández
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  • You can password protect the app
  • It works well
  • It doesn't tell the end user whether a website is blocked or not, it simply doesn't load it


  • The trial won't let you unblock the sites that you blocked
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